White colour interior: ways to avoid the

White colour interior: ways to avoid the "effect of a hospital ward"

It is believed that white is the base color in interior design. Many people love it because of “cleanliness” and the possibility to dilute it with others, while others believe that white is associated with a hospital ward, so they do not risk working with it. However, the white color allows showing imagination of a designer and getting the most original interior. The main thing is to get priorities straight. Therefore, in this article we will discuss how to transform the interior with the help of different tools and with a predominance of white color and make it as cozy and comfortable as possible.


White room

Any sole-colored interior can be transformed with the help of geometric patterns. It can be rhombs, squares, triangles, etc., which will help to make a room look in a new way. In addition, keep in mind that bright geometric shapes attract views, diverting attention from the various shortcomings made during the repair.

Textured elements

If you notice that things of white color, also made of the same material, dominate your interior then it's time to think about various textures that will help add comfort and playfulness to your home. Experts advise to dilute the white interior with leather, fur (artificial or natural), concrete or marble figurines - in short, everything that catches your eye.

To focus on one wall

Actually, many designers still use this technique. You need to choose a wall that will become central in your interior or in a room, make it perfectly smooth and beautiful (it will be the most attention to it), and then just choose a print or wallpaper. This method helps to perfectly dilute any, even non-white interior.

Wall decor

If you are bored of white walls, but you do not want to arrange major repairs, then you can simply add some decorative wall elements that will give zest to your interior. Let it be mirrors, plates, baskets, bows, shelves, anything, because the main thing is a bright accent.


White room

In general, green plants will look great in any bright room. Greens look very advantageous against the light walls. Of course, plants will have to be monitored: watering, pruning, cleaning dry leaves, etc., but if it does not scare you, then this is a decoration option for you.

Bright curtains

They not only create coziness in the house, but also add a bright accent to the whole interior. If you have a bright interior in general, then stop your choice on bright curtains that will blend in with some colors in the room.

Bright furniture

A bright sofa or armchair can perfectly harmonize with the bright interior, bringing the element of novelty and brightness to the room.

Decorative pillows

It is one of the most budget and original ways to bring more colors to the interior. Pillows can be of any color and texture, as long as they are bright. In this case, even the lightest and most ordinary interior will sparkle with new colors.


Virtually no interior can do without a carpet. Not only does it warm the room, it can also serve as a bright accent in the interior, which is often lacking in bright rooms. White interior allows you to choose any carpet, any shade and texture.

Black and white combination

This technique is old, but still works. First, the black and white interior always looks stylish; secondly, in the interior, made with such colors, is comfortably located, since everything is harmonious here. One way or another, this black and white interior definitely will not resemble a hospital ward.

Considering all the rules in 3D modeling described above, you will be able to design a stylish and bright interior that your customer will definitely like.