What are American houses made of?

What are American houses made of?

In the United States, frame houses are usually built quicker and cost less in comparison with cottages made of brick and concrete. It is an ideal solution for a large budget-friendly cozy home. Construction workers can build even villages within the shortest possible time. So what is it usually made of?

Why are frame houses so popular in the US?

Architectural design of many suburban villages and towns consist in creation of wooden frame houses. There are several reasons why so many Americans love this type of houses, such as:

• Warm winter. During winter, temperatures rarely fall below 15 degrees in the United States. Heaters and air conditioners that can work throughout the year are very popular. That is why there is no need to construct buildings being afraid of the cold seasons.

• A mindset. Usually, the US inhabitants are not really bound to a place of residence. On average, the American family moves from one house to another at least five times during lifetime. At first they live at one place, and in a couple of years they will move to a house closer to a place of work or study. A sale of the old house and a purchase of a new one is a common thing. American families seldom leave their homes as inheritance, unless it concerns family castles. Therefore, they build houses not for centuries, but for a half of a century.

• Tornadoes. Strong winds are usual for America. The appearance of a tornado is difficult to predict, and the consequences are terrible. Houses made of light materials are not as dangerous as brick walls and ceilings. Its restoration will not affect the family budget so much.

• Earthquakes. In the states where seismic activity is high, low-rise houses are built with the help of light materials. This measure allows avoiding large destructions and human casualties when the earthquake starts.

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Foundation of a building

In American houses, basements are usually built in terms of area of the first floor. Foundation of a building is filled with a special grouting compound. Calcium chloride is usually added to it in the northern states. This measure is necessary to accelerate the process of solidification. This grouting compound is poured onto a reinforced concrete base of a shallow foundation. The walls of a basement floor are usually made of concrete plates.

Wood as a basis of a framework

For the construction of load-bearing walls, wooden boards. In some parts of the construction a special reliability is required, and several wooden beams are used there. Their number can reach up to four. Wooden parts are connected together with the help of metal fittings (usually nails). Self-tappers and concrete nails are rarely used here.

The framework is covered with plywood from the outside, adorned with thin bricks or siding. There are also panels made of gypsum plasterboard inside.

Timber framing is used not only to build a small private cottage, but also to build low-rise buildings, up to five floors.

Heat keeping materials

As a filler of walls stone wool is usually used. It does not burn, which is very important for wooden houses. The outer side of the wall is finished with heat insulation sheets from environmentally friendly materials. The roof is insulated with two layers: directly under the roofing and as an interlayer behind the ceiling.

A roof

The so-called "wood shingle" is used as a roofing system. This material can be described as a wood tile. It is not used much nowadays, because it is recognized as highly flammable. Another budget option is to use ruberoid. It is used in housing of small and medium price segment.

Owners of expensive cottages prefer to use roofing tiles or simply cover it with bitumen. Roofing slate or iron are rarely used.