Ultraviolet: how and where to use this luxurious color and not to overdo

Ultraviolet: how and where to use this luxurious color and not to overdo

Ultraviolet is considered to be a color of 2018. It is no coincidence, because it has a crazy energy and reflects the situation most accurately in the world. This color is quite deep and looks stylish and attractive in the interior. The only thing is that the use of ultraviolet light must be literate. Excessive filling them room can turn it into a dollhouse, where everything lives its own life, but does not harmonize.

How and where to use ultraviolet?

Designers unanimously argue that the use of ultraviolet colour is justified only in small doses. It can be some kind of individual elements (carpet, ottomans, bed linen, decorative pillows, etc.), furniture, wallpaper, etc.

How to diversify the interior with ultraviolet colour?

Again, this should be done carefully and competently. There are a number of recommendations in this regard:

1. You should not choose ultraviolet as the main shade in the interior. It looks much more attractive and graceful when it is used not very often. Make accents, but do not choose it as the main one.

2. Furniture of ultraviolet colour should be single in the room. Do not buy both chairs and sofas of this colour; choose one thing in order not to overdo it.

3. If the top color is too bright but you want to follow fashion trends, you can replace it with lavender or lilac color.

4. It looks stylish in classic interiors or in closed, “secret” rooms.

5. Introduction to the interior of the ultraviolet colour is recommended to start with textiles or flower arrangements.

How to make the room design stylish and bright?

Ultraviolet is a complex, but at the same time luxurious color. For many people it is associated with cosmic energy, magic. With all its magical power, ultraviolet is dark enough and its use in the interior should be as thoughtful as possible.

Only the competent application of this rather flashy and beautiful color will allow you to transform any room, house. Be sure to select "neighbors" colors. For example, it goes well with blue tones. It harmonizes ultraviolet with natural warm colors - gold, copper. With silver and steel tones, it looks aloof, so in this interior you should refrain from this color.

Ultraviolet style

How to dilute white colour

Ultraviolet color is complex for perception in the premises, so as not to burden the interior and not to make it gloomy; its use is justified in bright rooms. It looks especially impressive as the background of white furniture, wallpaper. It brings to the interior originality, magic.

Combining with wood shades

With every shade of wood ultraviolet looks special, always attractive and advantageous. The calm tones of wood shades muffle the brightness of the ultraviolet, give the interior softness and organic.

What about exotic?

The combination of top color with non-standard shades allows you to create a unique image. Again, everything should be in harmony, and not a separate picture. Often, such a combination can lead to a stylish result, but it will not be quite comfortable for living there. When arranging a room, developing a design, it is still necessary to consider feelings, because even the top colors will not bring happiness to a home if you do not like them.

In which rooms is the use of ultraviolet appropriate?

As the dominant color, it is suitable for large and bright rooms. It can be a dining room, a living room. It is not recommended to use ultraviolet in dark rooms, for example, in the bathroom. In bedrooms, it is not recommended to make this color the primary one. You can add some decorative elements of this tone for brightness in the interior, but only a little bit.


So, where to use ultraviolet? It is perfect for hallways. Rooms where people do not stay for a long time. Its use in such rooms will give individuality, special charm and luxury.

Even if you like ultraviolet very much and you want to follow trends, you do not need to start repairing and change everything completely. Keeping up with the trends is quite difficult and costly, but it is quite possible to bring novelty into the interior with the help of small bright “spots”, details. Let it be just a decorative pillow or a new chair, but the main thing is your comfort. Create a room design that will not only please you, but also dispose to rest and comfort.