Professional approach to the design of ventilation and air conditioning

Professional approach to the design of ventilation and air conditioning

Any customer who wants people working for him to work in a comfortable and safe environment needs a well-functioning air conditioning and ventilation system. Therefore, the creation of a project for ventilation and air conditioning is an important and responsible process, which must be approached with the utmost seriousness.

To create comfortable conditions in the room, a step-by-step development of the ventilation project is necessary. Only with the help of a competent project, it is possible to distribute the necessary equipment properly, and also to do everything possible so that the project requires as little money as possible, but remains equally effective. As a rule, the design is carried out only with the assistance of licensed specialists who can provide 3D-drafting services.

the design of ventilation

Before starting the work on the design of ventilation and air conditioning systems, the following documents should be provided to a specialist:

Calculation of the necessary air exchange, based on the information provided on the area of the room, its building, sanitary standards, etc.;

  • Implementation of the development of schemes based on the calculation of the duct section and acoustic calculation of the noise level created by the ventilation system;
  • The customer receives the project and a list of necessary materials that will be involved in the work and equipment of the premises for approval;
  • Coordination of the project with the customer, as well as making adjustments;
  • Installation work on the communications plan;
  • Statement of estimates.

Professional design documentation contains a set of papers, which describe in detail the plan of the ventilation and air conditioning system. In addition, there must be specifications, calculations, economic indicators and equipment details. Of course, the project also includes 3D-drawings, which clearly demonstrate the laying of the pipeline and its dimensions, as well as the schemes of ventilation units and their characteristics.

Professionally drafted design of the ventilation and air conditioning system allows installing the necessary equipment and putting it into operation quickly and without errors. Only after completion of the project, as well as the passage of the stage of coordination and introduction of modifications, the installation of the system can be started.

ventilation design

A serious and competent approach to work with the involvement of a professional specialist is the key to a quick and high-quality installation of ventilation equipment and air conditioning systems.

You also need to understand that it is better to choose special companies that undertake the execution of the entire turnkey order for serious projects. A large-scale project requires a lot of time for the design of ventilation and air conditioning, so it would be better if a professional company that can disperse areas of responsibility for greater productivity handles these tasks.