Swimming pool engineering

Swimming pool engineering

Engineering of swimming pools is not an easy task at all, as hydraulic engineering installations have a number of features. The specifics of the object, its purpose, size, nature of air exchange should be taken into account. For example, a public swimming pool project will significantly differ from a private one. This is because a public building can have a different intended purpose - trainings, wellness treatments, sports, children's classes, etc. The design stage depends directly on this intended purpose, because each type of swimming pool has its own requirements and standards.

Swimming pool engineering

Standard project or individual one?

You don't have to reject a standard project completely, as it is the basis that consists of the necessary minimum - engineering systems, equipment, water heating, etc.

It is possible to add a number of adjustments and additions to the project in order to obtain a high-quality and detailed sketch of the future structure without much effort. Still, if you plan to build a non-standard facility, then a standard project won't be enough. Designers will need more time to create a sketch.

How does the engineering of swimming pools happen?

The customer provides all the information about the location where the construction is planned. All wishes and requirements, as well as the purpose of the object are discussed. During the creation of a project, all existing rules and regulations should be taken into account; otherwise, it can lead to fatal consequences.

Some people consider that the construction of pools does not require accurate calculations. This is fundamentally wrong. First of all, the quality of the structure and its safety will depend on competent design.

It is extremely important to calculate dynamic and static limit load, as a huge mass of water constantly affects the bottom and walls of the swimming pool. Even the slightest mistake in the calculations can cause deformations and cracks in the structure. As a result it will cause additional costs. If the use of reinforced concrete bowls is planned, then the thermal expansion of materials should be considered. As for the outside swimming pool, you need to understand clearly whether it will be used seasonally or year-round.

Swimming pool engineering

Particularities of mutual approval

Basically, designing of pools is a multi-step and complex job. It includes the creation of design drawings, documentation and a project for approval.

During the designing of these objects, 3D modeling is most often used for maximum visualization. Thanks to it, the customer can get an accurate sketch of the future structure and make adjustments if necessary.

After coordinating the project with the customer, all documentation should be approved by public authorities, considering compliance with all standards and rules, and verifying the aesthetics and safety of the facility.

There exist not many requirements for a sketch of a swimming pool for private use and, as a rule, this procedure is pretty fast. Still there are much more problems with a large project - it is necessary to prepare a set of documents and coordinate its location with many authorities.

Certainly, the creation of a hydraulic construction project will require a lot of financial and time costs, but at the same time you can protect yourself from numerous problems and ensure a safe and long-term operation of the pool.