Shopping center interior design

Shopping center interior design

Marketing specialists know how to sell any thing. It depends not only on a beautiful «cover page» of the product, but also on the location in the shopping center. Today, special attention is paid to the interior design of shopping centers and shops. Designers use different styles, techniques, create real masterpieces and it is not just a desire to stand out.

The competent and thoughtful design of the trading floor have an impact on:

  • Growth in turnover;
  • Profit margins;
  • Number of sales.

The design of the shopping center consists of:

  • Space planning, zoning;
  • Color design;
  • Furniture placement.


Proper territory delineation increases sales to 75%

Be sure to consider the following features:

  • New items are recommended to be located on the right side. Researches by marketing specialists show that 90% of buyers go exactly by the right side and in the first turn take the goods from the counters located on the right.
  • 60% of purchases occur right at the entrance.
  • To increase profit, budget goods are placed in the depths of the store, while costly products are located closer.
  • The most expensive goods are usually placed near the entrance, therefore it is advisable to divide the room into 3 parts: one with the branded products, another with products for everyday use and one with cheap products.

If the premises are divided into zones correctly, it will have a positive effect on the level of sales, increase the number of buyers and bring substantial profit. Zones should be spacious and attractive – it is the only way to get the desired result.

Interior Design

It is very important for customers to see beautiful appearance not only of the product, but also of the place where he buys it. The atmosphere in the mall should be appropriate. If the customers are not satisfied with the interior, then even discounts and promotions will not be able to attract a large number of visitors. However, this does not mean that you need to do something pompous. In shopping centers, simplicity is more appropriate; therefore, that is why classic style or minimalism are usually chosen. Be sure to use different types of advertising (flyers, posters, etc.).

Shopping center

Choice of furniture

The choice of furniture depends on the type of store and the products offered. If the goods are elite, expensive, then designer furniture should be chosen. For budget shopping facilities, the simplest commercial equipment will be appropriate. The main thing is that it should perform its functions and provide access to goods.

Any store is limited to a certain area; therefore, when arranging a shopping center, space saving is very important. It is more pleasant for buyers to walk around the spacious hall, where they can see and touch everything.

Color selection

Color design emphasizes the individuality of the shopping facility, makes it stand out among others and makes it unique. In addition, with the help of colour choices, you can delimit the space, select the zones of the most profitable positions. Quality lighting also has a significant role. It creates a comfortable atmosphere, hides flaws and sets the mood.

The choice of lamps and chandeliers depends on the design and colors of the room, but, as was mentioned above, there should be no pomp and chic.

Window dressing

Not a single shopping facility can do without dressing of windows. It attracts the attention of buyers and forms the image of the shopping center. In fact, windows' dressing can serve as powerful advertising.

There are several options for window dressing:

  • Shop-windows where just specific products are exhibited.
  • Shop-windows, which perform the role of decoration, where the emphasis is made on the demonstration, not on the product.
  • Shop-windows where the goods are exposed in a form of a special illustration.

Despite the variety, in order for the showcase to attract visitors, it is necessary to arrange it taking into account the corporate style of the shopping facility, equip it with high-quality lighting and update constantly.

It would be completely wrong to rely only on your own assumptions and thoughts when arranging the space for a shopping center. Of course, it may give a profit, but at the same time, it can turn out to be a huge risk. It is much easier and safer to find a specialist for the design of retail space. It will prevent mistakes and make a shopping facility attractive for consumers.