Redevelopment of apartments

Redevelopment of apartments

Repair works with full architectural replanning requires obtaining an agreement in the construction department of the management company. The requirements are based on obtaining apartment drawings and the possibility of changing the size of the apartment. It is also true in the case of demolition of internal and not bearing walls.

The architectural replanning of the apartment in New York will be a simple task if you entrust this work to real professionals. The previous plan is taken into account, a new project is calculated and repair works are performed considering wishes of the customers.

What can repair works be like?

Apartment buildings in New York rarely have convenient disposition of rooms. There can be some small or one big room, with no barriers. The creation of dividing walls or doorways is based on the placement of load-bearing structures. Engineering networks that can be located inside walls are also taken into account.

Repair works in New York can be face-lift or major. In the second case, the room is completely changed: starting with removing wall cladding and ending with designer frills. The company that provides repair services must know the codes (CONSTRUCTION CODES) and observe the requirements of placing each object.


Nonobservance of construction codes can cause imposition of fine of the construction department (within the scope of double payment). Problems can also arise with the selling of an apartment, such as the need to be inspected and get a confirmation of compliance. If it was not observed, the property receives the status - city codes violations.

For which works is it necessary to get a permit?

Coordination of architectural replanning works depends on the area where the owner lives. There are standard rules in New York, where the coordination of works will require:

  • Permits for demolition of main or additional walls in order to avoid mistakes of construction companies;
  • Installation of a new or replacement of the old heating system and windows / doors with a different opening design;
  • Works connected with wastewater disposal system: unification of the water closet facilities, creating an additional bathroom;
  • Changing the layout of the apartment

Thanks to the building codes, each system is installed in accordance with the requirements. Project documentation is provided to the department, where permission is given based on the data obtained.

The cost is calculated by such characteristics as quality of materials, complexity and speed of work, the size of the room.

Design of rooms

The apartment re-planning service is combined with the choice of the future appearance of the room. The project completely reflects future repair works and decoration. Depending on the size of the apartment and the wishes of customers, the best option is chosen: in small rooms space can be expanded, in medium and spacious rooms - partition-walls are added.

With the help of architectural replanning additional rooms can be created. It concerns situations when the main room is too spacious or the kitchen is combined with the hall. In small apartments, on the contrary, replanning is aimed at increasing space.

Only face-lift repair does not require coordination: paint and cabinet works, replacement of lamps or taps. Only in case of sanitary engineering works, replacement of floors or heating systems coordination and consultations are necessary.

Applying for the service of architectural replanning of an apartment in New York, customers receive the necessary permits for work. It is guaranteed that the conditions under which the permit issued is real are observed and will not be a serious problem for homeowners.