Public facilities engineering

Public facilities engineering

Public facilities engineering is a specific area. In this process, such factors as space organization and implementation of special measures are taken into account, which main task is to protect citizens from various unfavorable factors. The purpose of building and the form of activity that will be used are considered as the main characteristic during design process. At the same time functions of the building can be completely different, they must fully reflect the complexity and breadth of human needs, take into consideration characteristics of the region, scientific and technical potential. The purpose of the building predetermines all the key architectural decisions.

Design engineers, architects and designers should have in mind not only all the above mentioned factors, but also provide for the use of modern materials in construction, use the most advanced design and construction techniques, consider the ever-changing concept of the object's match with destination. Such an integrated approach allows building a modern, strong and reliable public building.

Public facilities engineering

The process of engineering

Public facilities engineering is a rather complicated process that requires people to demonstrate creative approach and calculate the compliance of project documentation with all the necessary norms and rules. The process of engineering such buildings itself is carried out on the basis of state norms, the most important document is the overall plan, which provides for the solution of various architectural and engineering issues, such as:

• Correct placement of the object due to the features of the location and territory. This work is carried out with the obligatory account of all points of the National Law of Buildings;

• Resolving issues related to the provision of public amenities;

• Accountancy of transport accessibility, solving economic and engineering issues;

• Solving issues with the social welfare of personnel working at the facility;

• Security measures in the building and on the territory.

Only after all the above-mentioned issues are resolved and all documentation is in accordance with the US Urban Planning Code, the project is sent for approval to the construction inspector who issues building permission.

Basic principles and technical means used in engineering

Modern technologies and techniques can not be avoided during the process of designing such complicated constructions as public buildings. Today most processes are computerized as the use of software allows performing work faster and obtaining documentation of higher quality. At the same time it is not necessary to purchase software independently, because outsourcing is quite popular today. CAD outsourcing services (computer-aided design tools) are especially popular in the US. It allows saving without losing the quality of the final documentation.

Public facilities engineering

Whatever services the project organization offers or purchases during the process of designing public facilities it should rely on the key principles, such as:

• The overall plan should demonstrate such elements as zoning, freight traffic flow and crowd flow;

• Provision of facilities for staff;

• The priority of stages of construction and improvement of the territory should be provided for;

• Organization of public facilities should be provided for, etc.

In any case, to solve this problem, specialists with all the necessary knowledge, experience and technologies should be involved in such work.