Paper to CAD Conversion Services

Limited budgets and tight deadlines facilitated the creation of new tools when it comes to architectural and mechanical drawings. CAD has almost replaced conventional drawing methods. However, many companies still continue using paper based drawings.

Paper drawings are labour-intensive and require investments for hiring skilled draftsmen.

There are also risks of damages and loss of paper drawings. No need to say, that the entire project may go wrong as a result of damaged or lost plans.

If you’re looking for the right solution, CAD conversion service is the right choice.

The process of conversion involves conversion from paper form into digital form. Afterwards digital form is modified and accessed through the latest CAD software.


Here are the followings advantages of CAD conversion:

- Access digital records at any time.

- Reduction of storage space.

- Reduction of expenses

- High quality drawings with precise dimensions.

- Reduction data loss to almost 99%.

EES Project Development can help you to convert paper forms of documents into precise CAD representations. Our teams of experts use latest technologies and can convert projects of any field.

Here the conversions that our teams undertake:

- Site Plans

- Floor Plans

- Exterior Elevations

- Roof Plans

- Foundation Plans

- Electrical Plans



How can you benefit by outsourcing paper to CAD conversion to EES Project Development ?


Here are some benefits you can gain by choosing EES Project Development as a CAD conversion partner:


  • You will be able to get high class documents from standard quality originals.

  • Get CAD perfect geometry format from raster formats

  • Save time on redrawing, copying and printing

  • Increase productivity

  • Get instant access to big files and databases.