Office space design

Office space design

Office is a place where all corporate life takes place. The correct design of an office can become a trademark of an enterprise and show its status and reliability. In addition, the correct design will provide comfort to employees and customers and will create a pleasant working atmosphere. People spend most of the day in offices, that is why it should be convenient and have several zones - a working area, a recreation area, a bar or a kitchen. For productive work of employees, the office must provide them with all necessary conditions.

As the interior influences the opinion of potential customers and partners of the company, it is important to reflect its principles.

Office design

The team of EES PROJECT DEVELOPMENT employees offers the creation of office design using modern technologies of 3D modeling.

What styles of office design exist?

The design of business offices can be different. Nowadays the owners of companies can afford the design of the office suited to every fancy, and some interiors are amazing, for example, the famous Google office.

Therefore, there are some office design styles, as:

  • Minimalism. This style has become popular in recent years. It repsents a room painted in light colors with a minimal set of furniture. It contains only the most necessary things; everything else is hidden in light cupboards. As there are no distractions, it is easy to focus on the work in this case.
  • Constructivism. Functionality is the main motto of this design. The room is easily changed and transformed from the office to the meeting room, then into the recreation area and the place for the corporate party. It is convenient for small offices.
  • Techno-art. If the company is located in the building of the former factory, the techno-art style is the best option. Production areas and warehouses can easily turn into trendy and modern offices with brickwork on the walls and beams under the ceiling.

Other styles can be actively used in office design as well, and only the features of the room limit the fantasy of the owners of companies.

Features of the office design

It is not easy to create a good design. The designer should not only place subjects in the room in correct order, but also know all the features of the company and be able to create design for certain target audience. Therefore, while developing an office interior, it is important to take into consideration the following factors:

  • Light. Lighting is one of the most important details in the office. It is necessary to distribute the light correctly over the worktables and in the rest areas. Lighting also depends on the location of the room, windows disposition, the color of the walls, etc.
  • Range of colours. As it is considered comfortable to work in bright rooms, many people pfer light shades, but some use non-standard options and bright, contrasting colors.
  • Working area placement. It is important to think about how the tables and chairs will be located. In addition, it is important to think about lighting.
  • Leisure area. It is an obligatory zone, and although some owners ignore this fact, still it is a very important part of the office, in which employees can not only rest, but also discuss business issues. A quick rest gives strength and helps to work most productively.
  • Storage locations. Documents, office and other items should be kept in a separate closet, where everything is properly organized. The more convenient the disposition is, the more comfortable it will be to work with documents.
  • Plants. A very important detail in the office is plants. It will not only diversify the interior, but will also help maintain the freshness of the air inside the rooms for a long time.

Design office project in the EES PROJECT DEVELOPMENT Company

The design project includes not only the placement of objects and the drawing up of a color scale, but also the design of all internal and external systems: sewerage, ventilation, heat and power supply.

Office design

That is why it is important to entrust the pparation of a design project for professionals, who have all the necessary knowledge and experience, who understand the construction and engineering part and can take into account all the technical peculiarities.

EES PROJECT DEVELOPMENT specialists will ppare a design layout for you and will help to solve all the necessary tasks:

3d modeling services;

• Design creation;

• Recreation and work areas designing;

• Color layout;

• Decor selection;

Our team provides services in 3D modeling of office design and professionally understands all the subtleties of this work. We will help to create a style that will become a trademark of your company and emphasize all its advantages.