Designing of water supply and sewerage systems

Designing of such systems is a complex process, but we are ready to handle it quickly and efficiently. Just contact our company and you will get quality services at the best price.

The difference between external and internal water supply systems


Public facilities engineering

Public facilities engineering is a specific area. In this process, such factors as space organization and implementation of special measures are taken into account, which main task is to protect citizens from various unfavorable factors. The purpose of building and the


The most popular design of American style houses

There exist a great number of house building and decorating styles all over the world. Many of them have already become iconic in the USA, which makes them very popular and recognizable. In this article we will discuss the most famous ones.

Colonial style


Landscape design styles

A large-scale investment in the arrangement of summer residence does not always guarantee the creation of a unique style. Flowerbeds planted in a chaotic order, out of place streamlets indicate tastelessness, incorrect selection of contractors and savings on professiona


Why the design of an electrical substation is so important

Before starting the construction of an electrical substation, it is necessary to design it. Only professionals are able to deal with such work. If they do something wrong, the distribution and transformation of the current will go wrong. It can lead to a complete soft e


The technology of 3D printing in construction

Printing in 3D is nothing more than a revolution taking place in the field of science and technology here and now. Progress is moving around the planet at a rapid pace, today 3D printing has firmly strengthened its position in people's lives. What seemed unreal a week a