3d printers - a step into the future!

Nowadays even schoolchildren know what 3d printer is. This device opens up unique business opportunities. 3d printing is used in many areas, such as:

• The medicine

• Mechanical Engineering


Kitchen interior design features

Furnishing of a kitchen, like any other room, begins not with a choice of wallpaper and furniture, but with a project. High-quality visualization allows considering the interior carefully and avoiding many problems. It is possible


Basic principles of landscape design

Most people prefer private houses to skyscrapers and high-rise buildings. The best way to rest after a week of work and recover strength is to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and go to the outskirts. When you have your own agricultural property, you can create u


Designing of automation system at the place of production

The main thing in producing high-quality products is the whole production process, which should be automated, and not individual technological details. Without automation, no production will work properly, which means that the products will be of poor quality and will n


How 3d and 2d design are used at enterprises

3d and 2d design is used in many spheres - from engineering to architectural. Facilities are built, equipment is developed and various layouts are made with the help of design. 3D helps to see the object completely, inspect from all sides and recreate the future figure