Shopping center interior design

Marketing specialists know how to sell any thing. It depends not only on a beautiful «cover page» of the product, but also on the location in the shopping center. Today, special attention is paid to the interior design of shopping centers and shops. Designers use different styles, techniques, cre


How to design a house yourself?

The thought of designing a house on your own is not only an opportunity to save money, but also a possibility to realize all your ideas and plans. Certainly, it is worth to take on yourself such a responsible work only if you have certain knowledge, skills and clear ideas.

Types of house


Interior design for offices

We should agree that office nowadays represents the whole company. Many entrepreneurs think that identity, stylish business cards or cups with a logo determine corporate style. However, opportunities of company's presentation have already reached a new level.


How to distinguish professional construction workers

Many companies are engaged in the construction of frame houses, but how can we determine the best among them? What is an indicator of quality? What to pay attention to?

Construction companies, of course, will praise their works; will s