Neoclassical Interior Design Style

Neoclassical Interior Design Style

Neoclassicism is a new interpretation of classical and antique styles. There is no place for pretentiousness, massiveness, heaviness here. One special feature of this style is the lack of decorativeness, the other one is versatility. Neoclassic is suitable for any premises, houses, apartments. The main condition is a large area. High ceilings, large windows, lots of light are ideal conditions for arranging a room in this popular style.

Colour selection

Neoclassical colour schemes are similar to classical styles, but most often light or dark restrained tones are chosen as the background colour. For example, beige, sand, white, brown, etc.

As a decor bright "spots" can be used: textiles, paintings, lamps. The main thing is not to overdo it, since neoclassic does not tolerate busting. The best option is to use 1-2 shades.


Since interior design in the neoclassical style involves spaciousness and a lot of light, it is worth taking care of multi-level lighting. The arrangement of the lamps should be symmetrical. It is appropriate to use LED strips for lighting of a room in this style. It will allow to decorate shelves, give charm and unique color to the interior.


For interior design in the neoclassical style, a minimum of furniture is needed. As a rule, these are the most necessary elements: for the bedroom - a bed and bedside tables, for the living room - a sofa and dresser, etc. Overweight and massive furniture does not fit into the boundaries of neoclassicism.

As for materials, wood will be suitable - either red or light. To give lightness and grace, beds and dressers are equipped with supports or legs. Mandatory addition to the room are banquets, dressing tables, ottomans and other classic elements.

Neoclassical Interior Design Style


For neoclassical decoration, preference is given to natural materials and modern analogues.

Natural wood flooring is the best option for the floor. It brings warmth and comfort to the room. If there is no possibility to use wood, then it can be replaced with a laminate of natural shades. It is appropriate for the living room to use large tiles resembling marble. For wall decoration, it is not necessary to choose only pastel colors. Neoclassical allows small drawings. As for the ceiling, it is need to be made using ceiling skirting boards. Necessarily the surface of the ceiling should be perfectly even and made in one color. It is possible to use plasterboard or tension structures.


Here, neoclassic coexists with classic style. Stucco moulding, columns, moldings - all this gives the interior charm and wealth. Luxurious velvet and silk can be replaced with textiles that are more practical. When decorating doors, windows, arches, special attention is paid to stucco elements.

An indispensable and stylish accessory of neoclassical is the fireplace. It is not necessary to buy a real one, because neoclassic allows the use of artificial options. It must be designed with restraint and used for this is only natural and noble materials - wood, glass. Instead of numerous mottled elements, it is worth choosing one key element, for example, instead of small paintings, one big one.

Design Neoclassica


Arranging of a house in the neoclassical style is within the power of everyone. The main thing is to observe the important principles of this style:

  • Minimum of decorative elements;
  • Strict proportions;
  • Use only subtle and soft colors;
  • Symmetry;
  • Creating accents.

Neoclassicism is an intermediate style between baroque and classic. Functionality and convenience prevail over decorativeness in it. Neoclassicism is the embodiment of luxury and wealth adapted to modern realities and is a very popular style of today.