Modular buildings and advantages of modular construction works

Modular buildings and advantages of modular construction works

The construction of any building begins with the design and selection of construction technology. Among the numerous options, preference is often given to modular buildings. With the help of this technology office premises, shopping facilities, and residential buildings are being built. And this is no coincidence, because modular buildings have become popular due to their unique characteristics.

Features of modular constructions

This technology allows to build houses like a construction set, consisting of modules. Modules are usually 80% ready. They are produced directly at the factory. The production of the module takes about 2 weeks. During this time, a foundation and build communications can be built. The construction period is only 1-2 weeks. The buildings themselves can be of different height or layout - it depends on the preferences and desires of the customer.

Why are modular buildings so popular?

This is determined by numerous advantages of this unique technology.

Advantages of modular construction work:

• Versatility. Modular structures are suitable for year-round living, do not require additional installation of doors, windows. The finished building is connected to the mains, water supply, and everything else is laid in the modules during the production process.

• Modular buildings are autonomous. They can be equipped with autonomous infrastructure. Only this important issue should be considered at the design stage. It is important to think over the sewage system, heating, air conditioning, electricity.

• Functionality and mobility. The use of modular buildings is justified in places where capital construction is impossible. In addition, modular objects can be easily transported to the right place without disassembling the structure. This is a huge plus for businessmen, because you can transport a shopping facility at any time, without losing time for arranging another room.

• Heat resistance. Modular buildings retain heat well. They can be operated at a temperature of - 50 - +50. It is comfortable to live in such houses any time of the year.

• Fireproof. Buildings are made of non-combustible materials, which guarantees the safety and reliability of the property.

• Modular homes can be built any time of the year. They have no concept of seasonality.

• Variety of styles. Prefabricated modular homes are diverse. They can look modern, stylish and original - it depends on the imagination of the customer and the project. In addition, you can order an individual project to fit your needs.

• It is possible to expand the square of a house, building, by adding additional rooms to an already finished building. Disadvantages of modular homes

There are many advantages to modular buildings, but nevertheless there are also disadvantages.

1. An individual project is more expensive than a standard one. But this is a drawback not only of modular homes, because a typical project is always more economical, even with capital construction.

2. The choice of the manufacturer. To make the building last a long time, the manufacturer should be chosen with special care. It is important to pay attention to the quality of materials, reputation and rating of the company. Otherwise, the building will bring some losses.

modular house

There are many different opinions about how comfortable it is to use such technology for building houses, but with the right execution, such buildings can last for more than 50 years. The main thing is to choose the right specialist and not save on design. If you need a comfortable home, or an office where everything will be thought out to the smallest detail, then it is worthwhile at the initial stage to specify all the nuances, to take into account all the wishes.


• Design is the most important stage in the construction of a modular building.

• Modular homes - a budget solution to the housing issue

• The cost of such a building is rather low, and the construction time is pleasantly short.

• Modular buildings are perfect for both temporary and year-round housing in any climate zone.