Plant Design Management System Services

We work with the following standards to make sure we provide you the best service. Here are some of them: ISO 9001, OSHA, NFPA, UBC, EPA.

Our team is flexible in moving to work at your location to produce the required plant designs and equipment specifications.

We work with such industries as piping, civil and structural, electrical and instrumentation, industrial equipment.

EES Project Development offers you the following services of Plant Design Management System:

         1. Proposal for Pre-bid Engineering

Our team is highly skilled in making pre-bid engineering proposals. Using this service we successfully helped a number of international contractors. The service includes:

    • Preparing initial concept designs as per the bid parameters

    • Offering estimates for engineering

    • Proactively anticipating the bill for quantities

    • Enabling collection of data from the site

         2. Bid Evaluation Assistance

We help our clients to save time and money by analyzing factors of price and raw materials and by tracking record projects conducted by a bidder.

         3. Detailed Engineering

Our team helps our clients to handle engineering studies in the required details.

Here our services that we offer in advance to plant construction:

    • Support drawings and piping isometric

    • Developing 2D and 3D plant models

    • Material Take Off (MTO)

    • Bill of Materials (BOM)

    • Piping routing and piping GA drawings

    • Preparing the list of equipment that needs to be purchased

    • Using 2D drawings to develop a 3D plant model

    • Preparing cause & effect diagrams

    • Preparing all types of electrical and civil diagrams

    • Creating instrument and piping diagrams with isometrics and stress calculations

         4. Drafting and Design Services

Our company provides high quality designing services and drafting. Here is a list of them.

    • Preparing drawings in detail based on available data

    • Validate all the prepared drawings

    • Develop CAD designs that are 3D parametric

        5. Design and 3D Modeling

To make a precise and accurate plant modeling design, our company provides 3D modeling and design services.

Our team is highly skilled in using 3D design software and can ensure you in efficiency of work.

Here is our portfolio of 3D design services and modeling:

             3D Modeling Deliverables

    • Support Modeling

    • Pipe Rack Modeling

    • Piping Modeling

    • Equipment Modeling

    • Datasheets and specifications

    • General arrangement

    • Elevation of structure

    • Arrangement of equipment safety

    • 3D Models in Plant Design Management System


         6. Documentation for As-built Drawings

We also provide precise documentation for a built plant. Our team of professionals have a wide experience in working with different document management systems. The team is involved in making measurements and markcups, updating 3D models , organizing surveys at the plant site.

         7. Piping Design

Our high-class engineering and piping design services help ensure better constructability, safer industrial plants and optimum operability. As part of our piping design services, we offer the following:

With our services we can ensure you with safety of your industrial plants and good operability. Our company can offer you the following design services:

    • Developing the specifications for piping

    • Preparing a plot plan

    • Making a standard equipment layout and section

    • Developing different types of piping layouts and sections

    • Erecting the piping and creating the drawing for nozzle orientation

    • Preparing isometric drawings and working on valve specification

    • Offering pipe support layout and bill of material

         8. Engineering Consulting Services at On-site Location

Our specialists can offer you a variety of services on aspects relating to the plant lifecycle. Here are just some of them:

    • Consulting before seeking the required permit

    • Offering consulting throughout all the phases of the contract

    • Performing due diligence activities

    • Consulting for relocation as well as efficient project management

         9. Benefits from the PDMS Services Offered by EES Project Development

Here is a list of benefits that sets us ahead from our competitors:

  • We use the latest technology and software such AUTOPLANT, PDMS, CADWORKS for making plant designs.

  • We significantly minimize time for drafting and modeling by applying Macros.

  • We also apply software to track the progress of projects.

  • We have been working for more than 10 years with companies around the world.