Kitchen interior design features

Kitchen interior design features

Furnishing of a kitchen, like any other room, begins not with a choice of wallpaper and furniture, but with a project. High-quality visualization allows considering the interior carefully and avoiding many problems. It is possible to develop a 3d project independently, but still only a professional will be able to take into account all the features of the layout, create a unique interior, where everything will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also practical.

What features are we talking about?

A number of factors and elements should be noticed when arranging a kitchen, such as: furniture, textile, wall and ceiling decor, appliances and more. Let’s consider the most important interior features in detail.

Kitchen interior design features

What is more important: fashion or practicality?

Fancifulness in a kitchen is useless. Any housewife knows this statement. The kitchen should be as comfortable as possible. If space permits, a kitchen should be spacious and bright. Natural lighting is important, but this does not mean that a kitchen should have special illumination as in an aquarium. 1 or 2 windows and the presence of spot lights for night-time are enough. Elegant chandeliers are not quite appropriate here.

Separate or combined kitchen?

Increasingly, large rooms are divided into zones - kitchen and dining room. The space is usually zoned with islets or bars. This not only looks stylish and impressive, but also allows to create an additional working area and storage space for utensils.

Modern kitchens should not be cluttered, that is why things that are not often used should be stored in special closets or cabinets. Minimalism and practicality are on trend. Even the elements of decor should be useful and fit into the overall style ensemble. These can be jars of spices, beautiful lettering, dishes, etc.

Selection of materials

Since practicality and durability predominate, the popularity of quality products is justified. Even not wealthy people are trying to buy a kitchen set of good, natural materials. Simplicity and functionality - the main criteria in selection, so the framed facades without excessive decoration are most common. Particular attention is paid to a sink. The bowl should be large and made from natural or artificial stone so that it can hold many dishes.

Color selection

A sign of good taste is the choice of kitchen furniture in bright colors. It should not necessarily be white; it can also be cream or pastel shades. Bright colours are more an exception. In addition, bright options should be chosen carefully in order to not overdo.

Ceiling and walls

Due to the popularity of country like style, preference is given to light and natural materials. The walls are covered with partition boards, and ceilings are in white colour. Classic style includes smooth, light walls. All these features give special atmosphere and freshness to the room. Floor should be covered with wood boards or laminate. Quite often, backsplashes are used in the kitchen. The walls and floor made of tiles are also common.

Kitchen interior design features


The use of fabric curtains in a kitchen is not entirely appropriate. They get dirty and fade in the sun, so it is better to use blinds. They are easy to maintain and allow to hide from people and to create a romantic atmosphere at any time.

Household appliances

Modern housewife needs many household appliances, preferably hidden from other people. That is why all appliances should be built-in. It gives the interior a special charm and style. Practicality and simplicity are on trend, so when designing a kitchen, it’s worth considering where and how all the necessary equipment will be installed.

Let's sum it all up

Modern kitchen is:

1. Large and bright room.

2. High-quality kitchen set without excessive decor.

3. Built-in household appliances.

4. Light colors and a minimum of things.

5. The presence of the islets or bar.

6. Natural materials.

7. Fantasy.

The last point is perhaps the most important. The kitchen is a place where the family spends a lot of time, so it should have a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. You should not choose a template version of the headset or "copy" the design of the neighbor. Create and develop your own unique designs, compositions, and a festive atmosphere will predominate in your home even on weekdays.