Interior design for offices

Interior design for offices

We should agree that office nowadays represents the whole company. Many entrepreneurs think that identity, stylish business cards or cups with a logo determine corporate style. However, opportunities of company's presentation have already reached a new level.

Today, office is not just a room where people work, but a second home for your employees. It is in your best interest to make the office as comfortable, cozy and conducive to productive work as possible. Employees will have less desire to leave the office if it is properly furnished and well designed. Moreover, it will be much more pleasant to work in such an office. The clients will definitely appreciate the high-quality design of the space and the convenience of the furniture, and, as you know, people always judge by appearance.

Thus, the message is clear: office is an important mean of connection not only between employees, but also with clients. Therefore, we advise to do everything possible to ensure that the office of your company embodies the company's spirit, its mission, approach and individuality.

In this matter, it is impossible to do without professional office designers. Only a specialist can find a balance between style and comfort, beauty and functionality, as well as convenience and individuality.

Naturally, the designer should be chosen with the utmost seriousness. This person should be able to hear you, should understand what exactly needs to be done to create a perfect interior that will appeal to both your employees and customers.

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As well as with the creation of the interior for any room, office design has a number of nuances that are worth paying attention to. As a rule, any professional starts with zoning a room, determining the functionality of each zone, and then creating of a 3D model.

The designer should also take into account the following factors:

  • Routes of movement of employees and visitors
  • Places of interaction with visitors (for example, a showroom, meeting rooms, conference rooms, recreation areas, etc.)
  • Grouping of premises: by target direction, by specialization of employees or by the balance between the first and second cases.

Office environment is also a very important detail. As a rule, most companies have their own corporate style and color scheme. A professional designer will surely take into account your coloristics and probably will add some other shades that will highlight the colors of your brand. Of course, if the company has not yet developed its brand book, the designer will work without it: select texture, color, lighting in such a way that everything fits harmoniously.

Do not forget about the furniture and decorative items. As was mentioned above, a professional designer will find a delicate balance between beauty and functionality. He will not allow himself to use massive items in an office space, as he is well aware that all items in the office should be relevant and in harmony with the mood of the company.

When ordering an office design from a specialist, you should especially pay attention to the following factors:

• Individual approach

Each designer starts with communicating with the customer, identifying his wishes, preferences and expectations.

• Sketches and 3D visualization

At this point, the main thing is that the designer should not only show you how he imagines an office, but also convey his thoughts in such a way that you don't have any questions left.

the design of ventilation

• Preparation of documents

All documents should be put in order. Only in this case, you can fully control the status of the project and budget spending.

• Help during the selection of furniture and accessories

Each professional designer has his own secrets, so a good designer will be able to help you to get everything you need to implement the project at the most affordable prices.

• Punctuality and constant control

Professionals value their time as well as client's time; therefore, a good designer observes all deadlines precisely and tries to fulfill all the ideas and demands of the customer as accurately as possible. As a rule, designers constantly monitor the implementation of their projects.

Remember, office is the best calling card of your company, and, of no small importance, its design is the best way to increase the loyalty of employees. A well-designed office can do even more for your business than you can imagine!