How to zone the space in the room with the help of interior partitions

How to zone the space in the room with the help of interior partitions

Interior partitions allow to zone a room as follows:

• Division into separate rooms. For this purpose, solid partitions made of glass, wood, drywall or plastic are used. The last 2 options are especially popular because of the low weight and ease of installation.

• Combining of 2 parts of the room, such as a dining room and kitchen. For this purpose, sliding structures are used. With their help you can easily change the design and, if necessary, visually enlarge the space or “hide” a part of the room (for example, the kitchen) from people’s eyes. Such partitions are often made of plastic to make the design lightweight. The drive mechanism can be automatic, with the possibility of folding without human intervention.

• Partial separation of space using a decorative design. When choosing this option, aesthetics and design are in priority. This may be the variant of a bookshelf, bar counter. Such designs are made to order, taking into account the peculiarities of the interior. Their cost is quite high, but they also look stylish and elegant.

Features of the choice of interior partitions

Installation of interior partitions is a great option to give an apartment or a house an individuality, to make the interior special. But it is important to understand that their installation and choice of execution requires a special approach. The partition should not only zone the space, but also decorate the room. To avoid the opposite effect, you need to plan the future interior of the room in detail. The placement of windows, the quality of lighting, the dimensions of the room should be taken into account. For this purpose, the architectural 3d visualization service is recommended to be used. With the help of it you will be able create a project that will meet all the requirements and not contradict the features of the room. Perhaps this stage is the most important.

How to zone the space in the room with the help of interior partitions

Some owners of houses and apartments consider 3d visualization to be superfluous, because this is only the installation of a partition, zoning of a room. In fact, the wrong selection of designs can not only not fit to the whole interior, but can also be inconvenience in terms of care, sometimes even threaten your safety. Therefore, it is important to understand that the choice of partition and its design are not the last place in the arrangement of the room.

Partitions in the interior

• Designs with horizontal or vertical lines allow to expand the space. They look monumental, but are not suitable for dark rooms, as they do not allow enough light to pass through. But if you want to install this particular option despite everything, then you should definitely take care of additional lighting of 2 zones.

• To create a unique composition as a partition, you can use the primeval tree, raw material. This will bring novelty and uniqueness to the interior.

• In order to save space and create a stylish composition, you can use the functional partition. It can be a rack for books, flowers, etc. As a result, you get additional storage space and zone the room.

• Restrained interior can be diluted with complex geometric shapes. This will give dynamics to a room.

As a material for interior partitions drywall, natural wood, glass should be chosen. Bricks and blocks are also used for zoning space, but you need to be careful with it. They look quite massive and are not suitable for every room.

In any case, before installing the interior partition, it is better to make architectural 3d visualization, evaluate all the pros and cons and only after that proceed to action. Remember, it is better to weigh everything carefully than to redo several times.