How to design a house yourself?

How to design a house yourself?

The thought of designing a house on your own is not only an opportunity to save money, but also a possibility to realize all your ideas and plans. Certainly, it is worth to take on yourself such a responsible work only if you have certain knowledge, skills and clear ideas.

Types of house projects

There are 3 types of projects:

  • A standard option - a budget and a compromise option for undemanding property developers. This type of project can be modified a little bit. When choosing a standard option, it is very important to take into account the features of a plot of land.
  • A sketchy project is a picture of the facade of the house. It does not have accurate data, but it creates a general picture of a building.
  • Individual project. It has to be developed taking into account the features of the plot of land and the specific wishes of the property developer. Each detail has to be thought out and drawn. Development of an individual project independently is rather difficult without experience and knowledge. It creation should be entrusted to specialists who know all the subtleties and nuances of design.

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To order a project of a house or design it yourself?

If the property developer has clear wishes and requirements for a future home, then it is possible to think about a standard project. Its peculiarity is that it is possible to make adjustments it, and the cost of such a project will be minimal.

How to design a standard house yourself?

For this purpose, you can find a suitable project on the Internet and, if necessary, add your own changes. It can be done without diplomas and special courses. It is enough to master only one of the graphics programs and make the necessary adjustments.

In case if you are planning to build a non-standard construction, you cannot do without a specialist and it is practically impossible to foresee and take into account all the nuances on your own.

Online services for the design of houses

Decided to develop a project yourself? It is not enough just to have desire and idea to design a building. Any idea should be visualized. You can do this yourself using the following programs:

These programs are suitable for both beginners and professionals. A simple interface allows to master the program quickly and turn ideas into an already finished sketch project. In addition, most programs allow to maintain design estimate documentation.

Thanks to design programs, you can easily create a drawing or a picture of a future standard house and develop an individual project of it.

What do you need to consider during self-designing of a house?

Terrain features

The depth of groundwater, soil type and climatic features - all this information is necessary to select the type of foundation. The analysis and the study of the area in spring, when the level of groundwater is maximum, is conducted.

Scale or dimensions

As a rule, the scale is 1: 1000. Relatively speaking, 1 millimeter = 1 meter. Besides the building itself, contours of all buildings, plantings and other objects are drawn on the project.


This stage is the most interesting in designing process, because it allows to imagine the future building. A sketch of each side of the facade is drawn, and then all the pictures are combined with the internal layout. A sketch of the facade is created when it is known exactly what kind of roof will be.

Foundation of a house

There are different types of foundations - pile, monolithic, girder and post foundation. Its choice depends on the type of soil, groundwater level.

House plan

Mostly often, the first floor contains a vestibule, bathroom living room. In order to have a proper design and to save money on making communications, it is preferable to place a kitchen and a bathroom nearby. A living room should be large, as it will contain the maximum number of people - family and guests. As a rule, there are no problems with planning of the second floor. Bedrooms, nurseries, dressing rooms and an additional bathroom are placed here. A bathroom and a toilet on the second floor should be located right above the bathroom of the first floor. This will also simplify arranging of communications. Doors and windows are displayed on the project.

When choosing a roof you need to understand that the more ramps and bends in it, the more difficult the installation and the more expensive the design and installation will be. As practice shows, the simpler the roof, the less the possibility of occurrence of leaks, rust, etc.

Due to the variability and capriciousness of the weather, it is also recommended to think about the heat insulation during design stage. It will allow not to be afraid of cold times and to save on heating.

House plan

Can a project be developed without a specialist?

Designing is a rather complicated science, so you need to be prepared to the fact that sometimes professional advice may be required, especially regarding the installation of power supply and communications. In addition, the project you have completed may be edited.

An architectural department will provide a wiring diagram of electricity and a water supply scheme, connect sewer devices and heating systems and correct deficiencies and errors (if any).


It is possible to develop a project of a house yourself, but it is better to work together with specialists. It is also important to take into account all the nuances and peculiarities. Thanks to this tandem, you can save on the project and at the same time make the project of your dream house without huge financial investments.