How 3d and 2d design are used at enterprises

How 3d and 2d design are used at enterprises

3d and 2d design is used in many spheres - from engineering to architectural. Facilities are built, equipment is developed and various layouts are made with the help of design. 3D helps to see the object completely, inspect from all sides and recreate the future figure to see its defects or design. 3D design has a huge number of advantages, due to which it has become so popular and widespread. 3D also allows to optimize technological processes and increase production efficiency. Companies often use 2d and 3d layouts together, which allows to make edits and see the full picture of the layout.

What is it better to use - 2d or 3d systems?

Despite all the advantages, 3d design is more expensive and takes more time than two-dimensional layouts. Let's see in which cases it is more advantageous to use 2d, and in which it is preferable to use 3d design.

• 2d is more advantageous and simpler if the product has a simple assembly and construction, if the electronic assembly is not applied.

• 3d is necessary if the product has a complex design and needs a control electronics assembly, as well as the use of additional programs on machines. Of course, the best solution for such products is the use of two systems simultaneously.

• Cost relations. Three-dimensional shapes and their creation require more time than two-dimensional figures.

Special aspects and advantages of 3d modeling

Despite the competition, 3d modeling is moving ahead and becoming more popular, although it has its own nuances. Native engineers use 2D and 3D together for better convenience, which also saves time and costs. So what are the main advantages of 3D modeling?

• A full picture of the layout, which can be viewed from all sides - from above, from below, from the side. This allows to see the shortcomings, irregularities, errors in the drawing and design. A full examination of the layout also helps in the future work and is simply convenient for the work of an engineer or architect.

• The ability to get a sectional view and see separate parts of the drawing. This is a huge advantage, especially for complex composite constructions.

• The ability to calculate the mass, volume and physical properties of the model. It is also possible to calculate reliability of the future design, which also helps in the development and allows to create high-quality things for 100 percent.

• Special programs, called CAD programs, allow to edit and change the layout at your discretion, which also facilitates the work and helps in creating high-quality products

Popular programs for 3D mockups creation

One of the most popular programs to work with 2 and 3D mock-ups is Autocad. It is used in most companies. However, it has its own peculiarities and is often used only for 2D modeling. In this program, three-dimensional design is good to use in the production of furniture or the design of architectural objects.

There are many other programs like this, and each year their number increases. All of them are called CAD systems and work with the help of volumetric parametric modeling. Three-dimensional shapes that facilitate the work of a huge number of engineers, developers and architects are created just with the help of the parametric system.