Fusion style interior design

Fusion style interior design

It is still unknown for sure in what country the fusion style firstly appeared, but most often the USA is accepted to be its homeland. It was here that the designers for the first time decided to get away from the annoying norms and rules and create chaos. The very concept of fusion means "confluence". Merging of styles - this is how this design can be described in a few words.

Design in fusion style is presented by numerous colors, a combination of different directions and lack of expediency. Such interiors are created on emotional impulses, therefore it is not necessary to have a diploma of a designer in order to create a unique stylistic composition in a house. The only condition is a sense of taste.


Fundamentals of fusion style

Fusion style is based on 3 components - color, texture and material. This style involves the use of bright colors, an unusual combination of colors and textures. Designers in creating such interiors are not limited in imagination. But this does not mean that you can use "mixed" shades and admire such a composition. Fusion differs from tastelessness by the fact that all colors complement each other and create an organic, coherent picture. The most popular colors for this style are ultramarine, purple, yellow, green, turquoise, black, gray, white. Anomalistic prints will also be appropriate. But you have to be very careful with them, otherwise their excess will turn fusion into kitsch. Remember, the main thing is not to make a mistake in choosing combinations, therefore with a combination you need to be as careful and prudent as possible.

Light is in the first instance

After choosing the color it is important to think about the organization of lighting. For such a creative decoration of the room the light should be special. No need to decorate the room with multi-louvre chandeliers and fancy lamps. Spotlights will look much more effective. The light should emphasize colorful splendor and create a show.

For a fusion-style room, wall or ceiling spotlights and lamps located near the floor are suitable. Also, designers often use table lamps, floor lamps, furniture lighting. It is allowed that the lamps were different in shape, color, but again, they must create a unique composition. Often, interior artists combine non-standard and standard lighting options, for example, equip a room with a fireplace, light candles. Of course, this can not be called a full-fledged lighting, but it is perfect as a special atmosphere creating.

Decoration Materials

Decoration materials are given special attention, as the fusion style is based on tactile sensations. The interior should be all nice to eyes and to the touch. Therefore, there is a tacit ban on glossy and slippery surfaces. The texture should be "natural" and "live". Silky textures, rough surfaces (rock, sand), etc. are suitable. Animal skins will also come in handy. Actually, there are no restrictions in the choice of materials, especially since a competent combination of classic and peasant simplicity can look very stylish, rich and elegant at the same time. The interior should not look thoughtful. It should consist of numerous trifles, which are closely intertwined.


If we compare the fusion style with other directions, it allows an abundance of choice in everything. And this is his magnificence.

4 key rules in creating an interior in fusion style:

 • Do not mix. Things in the interior should set off, emphasize each other, and not aimlessly occupy square meters.

 • Refined and subtle sense of style. Only a person with good taste can create a fusion-style interior.

 • The ability to combine colors, things, textures. Without this skill and talent, it is unlikely to turn out to be something worthwhile.

 • Experiment. This style "loves" the brave. If you like to shock, than you can take a chance and start designing a room.

Fusion is an expensive style?

Absolutely not. The main thing is a sense of proportion. The only thing that needs to be done thoroughly is to level the walls, ceilings and floors. Arched openings and panoramic windows look harmoniously in such an interior. Fusion allows to transform the interior and smoothly go from simplicity to bohemianism within the same room without much financial investment.