Features of lighting design in enterprises

Features of lighting design in enterprises

A correct project is a guarantee of high-quality electric lighting of the enterprise. However, such design is considered to be a difficult task with special technical requirements. After all, the level of security of employees will depend on the quality of electric lightning. In addition, the electric lighting system of any enterprise always differs from such a system of any other object. At enterprises, not only workplaces are subject to electric lighting, but also other parts of the territory, including utility rooms.

It is obvious that professional electrical design services are necessary in this case, because the success of companies depends largely on the correct placement of light. In particular, if their production processes are characterized by continuity, when the staff is working in a shift mode.lighting

Key requirements for electric lighting of enterprises

There exist much more requirements for electric lighting of companies in the US than in residential areas, because in this case lightning has to deal with many problems, such as:

1. Reduction of expenses for electric energy due to the use of energy-efficient lamps;

2. Equability of light supply;

3. Providing staff with a comfortable level of light, increasing its efficiency and minimizing the probability of injuries at work.


Indicators of quality of electric lighting

electrical design servicesDue to the huge range of lighting devices intended for industrial use, it is recommended to pay attention to the following indicators during selection:

1. Resistance to possible vibration;

2. A significant safety factor;

3. Economical energy consumption;

4. Long operational period.

Some characteristics of the room in which the lighting system will be installed are also important. It includes its area, the level of air pollution, vibrations in the production process and the probability of mechanical damage of the system.


Types of light placement

 light placementAs practice shows, each enterprise should be equipped with two electric lighting systems, differing in purpose, intensity, and technical features.

The working type of illumination is intended for the qualitative organization of workplaces of the personnel and maintenance of uninterrupted technological process. Working illumination can be natural, artificial or combined. The most common option is combined lighting, which is provided by a combination of natural and artificial light.

Emergency type is designed for use in case of a power outage due to an emergency. This type is automatically turned on in case of any malfunction of the process that threatens the life of the personnel.



Criteria for choosing lighting equipment

lightingIn the process of selecting light sources for an enterprise, it is recommended to focus on the following criteria:

1. Staff safety;

2. High quality of light

3. Normalized level of illumination

4. Conformity of equipment with the principles of energy saving;

5. The small length of the wiring;

6. Reliable fastening;

7. Free access to lighting equipment for the repair team.

Stages of professional lighting design at US plants

The design process includes work that requires certain knowledge and skills, such as:

1. Audit of the electric lighting system, taking into account such data as general information about the room, its purpose, type, size, thickness of walls and degree of natural lighting.

2. Choosing of the most appropriate type of lighting.

3. Carrying out the necessary technical calculations.

4. Visualization of project data in 3D format.

The quality of electric lighting of enterprises depends on the correctness of the draft. It is impossible to obtain appropriate electric lighting without correct calculations that correspond to technical and sanitary standards. That is why the design of lighting of these objects should be carried out by professionals with the necessary knowledge and sufficient experience.