English landscape design style

English landscape design style

In landscape design, the English style was born under the influence of romanticism. That is why it has some notes of lightness and airiness. Its key difference from other areas is the smoothness of lines, naturalness and asymmetry. Buildings and plantings on the territory are disposed carelessly and chaotically. However, such negligence is unnatural, visible, because the area is planned in detail, and all the elements on it look harmonious and natural.


To fence the garden in the English style, a low fence made of natural materials - stone, wood is usually used. Forged products may also be used. Climbing plants can serve as the decoration of the fence. It can be a hornbeam, a red beech, a yew.

Garden paths

What garden in English style can be without paths for evening promenade? The route should pass through the entire territory of the site and be an imitation of forest paths.

Paths can be made of wood, stone, gravel. As a frame, low hedges made of natural stones, wood, plants are suitable. Key importance is the flower arrangements. Be sure to install an arch on the territory, which serves as a frame for climbing plants.

Berceau is also used in the English style - a covered construction made of crossbeams, which can be set along the path. It can be decorated with plants and is a living tunnel or "green" path.


Ancient sculptures, set deep in the garden is of particular importance on the area of ground in the English style. They personifies beauty and grace. A sculpture can be of any size, but always with backlight. Lighting of the territory is of particular importance, because it is important that the sculpture stand out against the general background in the dark.

Another important element of the decor of the territory is a sundial. They can be made of brick, stone and other natural materials. They remind of the transience of time, teach to appreciate the best moments in life.


A calling card of the English style in landscape design is multi-tiered flowerbeds. Petunias, dahlias and lilies can be chosen as plants. They bloom from early spring to cold weather, which allows to create a flowering effect and bring bright colors for a long time.

Be sure to have roses in the garden. They occupy a place of honor - at the entrance - and have a strong aroma, which creates a special atmosphere of peace and tranquility.


This is an essential attribute of the English style. The pond should not have a clear geometric shape. It can be oval, rectangular, round - it depends on the desire of the owner of the house. The bottom of the pond should be lined with bricks or stones. In addition to the main body of water, there should be several channels with bridges passing through. Make bridges of stone, wood. Be sure to install a gazebo near the water, benches for relaxation. Use wooden barrels for decor. The setting should bode for having a rest; create an atmosphere of pristine nature and tranquility.

Trees and other plantings

Coniferous trees are usually planted on the territory at different distances, in groups. The body of water is surrounded by weeping willows that bend over the water and complement the already romantic landscape. The walls of the house, hedges should be entwined with climbing plants.

Instead of the lawn, special plants or rockfills from natural components (gravel, stone, tree bark, etc.) can be used. It is laid in order to prevent the germination of grass.

It is important that with all the "naturalness" the area of ground should make an impression of well-groomed and thoughtful area. It is not recommended to have a fancy for negligence and chaos.Everything should be done moderately. Be sure to clearly plan the site and constantly look after it, as the English style involves the smoothness of lines and many different plantings.