Electrical engineering

New York is a сommercial city of lights. Advertising signboards and billboards glitter round the clock at every step, but very few people know how much resources are needed to design this beauty and its power supply.

Electrical engineering design Electrical design services

Fields of our work

We provide a wide range of services related to electrical work. Outsourcing provided by us in this field allows us to provide the market with highly single- skilled experts who are highly respected here.

We can also provide design of electrical parts or provide electrical design services in the USA.

We provide electrical work of any kind and complexity: starting from design to the final laying of power lines.

If you do not have a ready cost estimate or technical documentation, our engineers will be able to prepare it, up to the calculation of the voltage of an electric equipment. Laying electrical power systems and networks of industrial facilities, requires a great attention and professionalism.

It is necessary to take into account - a lot of factors can influence the final result, the stability of the network and its capabilities:

• Ergonomics of electric wiring;

• Power capabilities of electrical lines;

• Redundant power supply and the cability of installation of other power supplies.

How much is it important to trust professionals ?

Depending on the complexity of the facility, our specialists will perform the necessary work for preparation and design on time. The cost of the work is negotiated individually since the cost depends on the complexity of the work and the request of the client.

Estimators and engineers will prepare the documentation to provide it to the licensing authorities and obtain the necessary certificates. There should be paid more attention to this procedure when organizing the design of power supply for buildings as it is an integral part of all procedures .

Here are some aspects that require mandatory approval:

• Calculation of the brightness of the planned lighting;

• Presence of advertising signboards, their sizes, colors;

• The location of the facility (building itself).

Design work. Additional power supply services

According to the client's design documentation, we provide electrical design services. Prior to the beginning of the work, the facility is inspected and the estimated documentation is calculated. Then follows the stage of preparing drawings of future solutions so that you can see the future design. Our team has a good experience in the development of electrical power systems and networks of a facility of any complexity.

We care about our reputation, and the reputation of our employes, therefore, we fully comply to legislative requirements.

Development of drawings, calculation of voltage, organization of power supply. For each case we have our own qualified specialist, so that your order will be executed accurately in the term stipulated by the contract .

We also provide

Electrotechnical design that includes laying power lines at the facility and development of electrical equipment. Complying with technical plans and client’s drawings, our engineers can develop a prototype of an equipment or unit that will have a good usability.

If it is necessary, the engineers themselves will carry out the development of drawings for the design of your device for any system, the calculation of all its indicators and specifications.

Save your money by working with the best

We provide our clients with services on all stages from a discussion of the preproject to the delivery of the completed work.We have been working in the niche of designing electrical power systems for years now, and therefore know how to do this work sucessfuly in the USA. All design, from start to finish, can take up to 30 calendar days (negotiated individually). We do not charge over nothing. Honesty is the key to our success. You will be allocated with specialists who lead your project from the beginning to the end.