Development of the project of power supply for industrial facilities

Development of the project of power supply for industrial facilities

A special project should be created before starting repair, reconstruction or building of any industrial project. A lot of factors depend on the project and its development, for example: safety of the company and its employees, rational use of resources and economic waste of energy, uninterrupted work and so on. Creating of a project of power supply for an industrial facility is a very important stage, and only extremely professional and experienced designers should make it. Before choosing a designer, it is necessary to pay attention to his experience and specialized education.

Development of the electricity supply project at EES PROJECT DEVELOPMENT

Our experience in designing of industrial facilities and power supply systems includes the following items:

• Calculation of transmission lines;

• compiling of a floor plan for plug sockets arrangement, lighting, etc.;

• Calculation and drawing up of a grounding and lightning protection scheme at the enterprise;

• Circuit boards and protection from electricity, both static and conventional;

• Specification of materials, products and electrical equipment;

• drawing up descriptions of safety techniques, fire protection, labor protection and use of equipment.

Development of the project of power supply

While making an electricity supply project it is also very important to choose electrical equipment. At such enterprises, there exists a variety of devices such as electric motors, machines, shields, substations and so on. Each of them must fulfill safety standards, be reliable and of a high quality. The choice of such an equipment should also be entrusted to specialists. The drafting of the electricity supply also includes the selection of cables, electrical devices and other apparatus for working at industrial enterprises. The choice of equipment is made after a very thoughtful analysis of technical characteristics of such machines.

Our company will help to supply uninterrupted work at your company, will take into account all the features and specifics, professionally calculate everything necessary for reliable operation of the enterprise. We will carry out all the electrical work that will result in continuous supply of electricity, comfort and safety for all personnel, economical energy consumption and much more. Professionally drawn up project allows to increase profitability and potential of the whole enterprise.