Designing of automation system at the place of production

Designing of automation system at the place of production

The main thing in producing high-quality products is the whole production process, which should be automated, and not individual technological details. Without automation, no production will work properly, which means that the products will be of poor quality and will not satisfy buyer's requests.

Designing of automation systems is a complex of works on debugging and installation, starting-up and testing. The design should be entrusted only to professionals who have a lot of experience and know what to do. Our specialists take courses of professional training and can design electrical networks so that all production will work well and all technological processes will proceed correctly and with the greatest accuracy.

Why is it necessary to design automation systems at the place of production?

Designing of automation systems and electrical networks, their installation and tuning allow to increase profitability and company's productivity, as well as:

  • improve working conditions for employers;
  • optimize their work;
  • stabilize the quality of the finished product;
  • increase the level of products;
  • improve work at the place of production;
  • improve the quality and speed of work.

How are automated systems engineered?

Designing of systems, lines and networks is engineered using programmable controllers, mechanisms, sensors, nodes and other equipment and programs. They can be manufactured either by domestic enterprises or by world-famous manufacturers such as Siemens, Omron, Samson, Danfoss and others.

Programs used for design allow to see the whole process and systematize automatically the accounting parameters. Enterprises use programs such as CxOne, SuperVisor and Step7 - these are the most popular and well-known programs.

How is the installation of automation systems and electrical networks carried out?

Installation takes place with a comprehensive approach to the automation of electrical networks. The complex includes assembly of equipment, use of quality components from world manufacturers - controllers, regulators, sensors and many others. Such accessories help to get trouble-free operation of the whole complex and automate production lines. The installation of automation includes the installation of sensors, panels and actuators, the installation of electrical networks and other additional devices, work on adaptation to the conditions of production, testing and starting up.

Our company has great experience in designing electrical networks and is able to solve the most difficult tasks in the automation of production. We use the highest quality materials and long-term experience, which makes our work reliable and durable.