Design of transformer substations

Almost everywhere you can see the use of transformer substations, both in the industrial and household fields.

The presence of substations makes it possible to ensure the stable operation of all electrical devices and mechanisms. You can find a cabin substation that transforms the electric power, ensuring the serviceable and prolonged operation by the household user of the equipment, almost in each yard.

The presence of transformer substations at factories and facilities is the ensurance of stable, safe operation of industrial equipment. Regardless of any sphere of life that a person takes, the presence of transformer substations is important as it has a key role in comfortable use of equipment.

The importance of choosing our company for designing transformer substations

Our company is a recognized leader in the development of design documentation for distribution lines of electric networks, calculation of transformer substations. When designing a transformer substation, our company uses exclusively innovative technologies, as well as modern software that allows accurate calculation of not only the required voltage and power for clients’ needs, but also performance specifications.

Design of transformer substations

Having many years of experience in design, we can confidently ensure our clients in the quality and accuracy of the calculations required for the installation of materials and the required voltage in kV for stable power supply to the end consumer.

How does the design process work?

To each client, based on his/her needs, there is applied an individual approach. We have standard design solutions for transformer substations with already estimated incoming and converted voltage in kV, as well as design capacity to ensure stable and safe operation of the equipment. If an additional equipment is implemented into the TS, we recalculate costs taking into account the power consumption of the devices.

Are you interested how do we work with clients?

1 A client requests us to provide services such as design of transformer substations;

2 If there is a list of electrical equipment, data on power consumption, we carry out calculation;

3 In case if a client does not have data of the available equipment, our specialists visit the site themselves, make the necessary measurements and preliminary calculations;

4 TS project is designed after all settlement processes are carried out and submitted to the client for consideration as a prototype;

5 If the customer is satisfied with the design data presented by the technical parameters, all  documentation, which is required for construction, installation, approval of commissioning for controlling state organizations, is formalized.

Advantages of cooperating with us:

1 We are a specialist company, the quality of which is recognized by our clients;

2 We have all the required documention: certificates, license for the provision of services, the design of electrical installations of various categories of electrical safety.

3 The cost of our service is reasonable to an individual person and legal entity;

4 Professionalism of our employees, allows us to carry out design solutions of any complexity and urgency, while not omitting the indicator of quality and accuracy;

5 All work is carried out in the shortest possible time, with an emphasis on early implementation for greater client comfort.

Each node, the chain segment is worked out with maximum accuracy, complying with norms and standards approved by the legislation.

We implement innovations

Every project we develop is a unique solution that allows us to apply it in the cities of the United States. Switching equipment, transformers, conductors, current-carrying parts are selected by us, which comply with safety and durable operation.

The project ordered from us is your guarantee of a stable, uninterrupted operation and power supply.