Design of electrical network

The qualitative design of electrical networks implies compliance with a number of standards and rules. The fulfillment of this requirement is mandatory, which is stipulated by the current legislation.

The basis of the correct functioning of the system is always the project.  On the stage of a project design, a calculation is carried out to help to determine the voltage, current and power indicators (in kV) suitable for this case. During the design of power supply, the method of cable laying, the method of protection, the introduction of automated systems, the location of power plants are taken into account.

Technological characteristics

The design of the power supply requires protection from direct or indirect contact. A number of measures are taken to prevent the person from the danger of voltage. To ensure appropriate security measures, the following measures are taken at the design stage of electrical networks:

- emergency power off device;

- provision of security for lighting systems, operating at low voltage;

- automatic switches of transmission lines;

- short-circuit current protection;

- presence of ground.

When carying out the work, we take into account all the client's requirements for power supply network. For the implementation of the project, the use of equipment of leading manufacturers from the United States is recommended. The basis of reliable power supply is the quality of the devices used for electricity transmission, therefore, installers must take into account all the requirements of the project.

Electrical network design

Prior to design, a special preparation is carried out, the following documentation is prepared:

- technical permission from power plants;

- the requirement of the company, operating the facility, where the organization of power supply is required;

- technical assignment of the client, including the arrangement of tools and equipment, as well as the length, current rate, voltage and power level (kV);

- certificate of division into operational and balance liability;

- reference on the maximum permissible power (kV).

Quality services of design

During the design of electrical networks, we take into account all factors to avoid unpleasant consequences when operating the equipment.

Correct calculation of the power transmission system helps to avoid the lack of current and voltage symmetry.

Such a negative factor in building of power supply networks is not uncommon, but our services allow to avoid it. This allows to extend the service life.

As a result of the design, the client is provided with a complete set of schemes with the indicator parameters of the system, starting from the power (kV), and ending with the exact location of all outlets. The design of electrical networks includes a distribution point, which is necessary for managing the voltage. Professional performance of work implies the provision of complete data, which is necessary for describing power supply networks.