Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling is an essential tool in architectural services

With the help of BIM you can effectively generate and manage building data.

BIM enables modeling of virtual design and construction of buildings.

With the help of BIM 3D modeling it is possible to create visual modeling of buildings designs what in return allows to understand and analyze the structure of the object.

BIM also tracks whether engineers, builders and architects follow the same requirement of the project.


We can simplify your building construction process and provide you the following services:

  • Centralized workflow management

  • Enables accurate predictions in a structural performance

  • Computer aided 2D and 3D architectural drawings with vectorized images

  • Integrated modeling for design

  • Facilitates a regular review and analysis of work in progress

  • Improved visualization in the demonstration of the entire building

  • Improved ROI with reduced and controlled operating costs

  • Efficient documentation of the processes facilitating easy document access and sharing

  • Low risk of errors and early detection of errors enabling quality project completion



Choose EES Project Development for your building information modeling

EES Project Development has highly qualified and experienced teams of engineering services who have successfully implemented BIM for engineers, building developers and architects around the world. We use the latest advanced technology to help you to build your projects.