2D Drafting Services

Our company offers drawing services in electronic form. Editing 2D drawings is our main activity.

We have been working for many years and take up orders of any complexity. Initially, the drawings were done on paper, but today everyone uses modern Autodesk AutoCAD software.

Thanks to this program, you can convert the drawing from an original paper or a scanned copy into an electronic version.

This application is the best option for drawing. Our employees have sufficient skills to perform work with the help of AutoCAD.

The advantages of our team:

• Professionalism. Working many years in design, we have acquired enough experience in the field of editing 2D drawings.

• Execution of requests. Each point of the technical assignment will be executed according to the preferences of the client.

• Good prices. You can entrust drawings to professionals and pay a reasonable amount for their services.

In our work, we do not use automatic or semiautomatic raster image converters into the vector version. Conversion, editing of 2D drawings and design of schemes is done manually to avoid the occurrence of errors. The digitized files exclude the loss of information. We guarantee high quality of work and excellent level of service.

Editing of drawings in the Autodesk interface is the choice a professional

Autodesk AutoCAD software allows you to optimize the working process so that several participants can work on the project at the same time. Thanks to it, you can create large-scale drawings and carry out design of schemes. Various software packages accelerate working process and allow you to work with mapping services. With this program you can even scan real objects on the map.

2d drawings

A large selection of tools allows you to complete the project quickly, apply corrections and make design schemes. The modern interface greatly improves the design process and improves performance. If you want to edit a specific 2D drawing, it takes a little time, and the work is done qualitatively.

We have the most reasonable prices in the USA.

If you want to edit your 2D drawing- we are ready to start working right now!

The cost of the service depends on the density of the drawing. Making of a technical assignment doesn’t take much of your time. Also we can perform a drawing based on the presented photos, pictures or scanned originals. We draw in AutoCad, and as the substrate we use the original image.

The work is saved in DWG format, which allows you to do corrections using the software interface.

In the field of creating and designing quality drawings, there are no equal to us. Also we can carry out vectorization which means that a converted file will be created in DWG format. If you want to get a quality service, then we are ready to offer you our services.